Kacheria Mojilal Gordhandas General Hospital Trust

About KMGG

Kacheria Mojilal Gordhandas General Hospital Trust (“KMGG”) is located in the Mahisagar district. It was established in 1951, and is run by the KMGG Hospital Trust in Balasinor. It started as a small outdoor dispensary and now serves the city of Balasinor, taking care of over 120,000 people each year. Without the hospital and its charitable mission, most of these people would have little or no access to adequate healthcare.

The hospital now has 100 beds for patient care and offers multi-disciplinary medical services, with the help of a dedicated staff of over 70 people, including both full time and visiting doctors.

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Hospital Maintenance & Finance Operations

The hospital is recognized by the Gujarat government and is eligible for maintenance grants that covered up to 70% of total expenditure. However, due to high salaries and other expenses, each year we are required to withdraw funds from corpus funds. Some of the expenses are also covered through interest income from the KMGG Hospital Trust, with funds donated by people like you. However, to be able to continue to do all the good work that we have been doing, without demanding more money from our poor and needy patients, we need to raise plenty of funds to bridge the gap between available funds and associated expenses. Considering how low the fees are for these services, even a small amount goes a long way and can make a lasting difference towards the health and well-being of our community.

Kacheria Mojilal Gordhandas General Hospital Trust is a trust that runs KMG Hospital. This trust is eligible for foreign donation under FCRA and donation within India is fully (100%) exempted under U/S35AC of I.T. Act.

Vision for the Future

Since the hospital was established in 1951, there have been many supporters of Balasinor who have been honorary presidents of this trust, including Shri Ramniklal L. Dharia, followed by Shri Navinchandra Chimanlala Shah (Calcuttawala), under whose leadership the hospital has made tremendous progress in amenities and services. The pace of modernizing the hospital has stepped up under the guidance of the old guards and the enthusiastic new team in consultation with Dr. Shishir Gandhi from Anand and Dr. Rajesh Doshi (MI, USA). Our future vision is to provide to the poor and needy the same level of service that an individual may receive in any metropolitan city. One of the new initiatives is the plan to build a new state of the art medical center with all the latest medical equipment. We expect this project to be completed in 5 to 7 years.

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For many years there have been many donors and supporters that have contributed to this noble cause. We have many who continue to offer their support from USA by means of Balasinor Association of America. In the past, donors have sent their support through the Share & Care Foundation (Tax Id # 22-2458395 Website - www.shareandcare.org). As an international community, we need to step up our efforts, reach out to all our community members residing around the world, and ask them to take interest in the development of our hospital. In order to create a pathway, we are in the process of setting up a special committee in America to help mobilize developments for the hospital. Their first task is to setup our own foundation so that 100% of the contributions can be used for hospital. This process has already begun and hopefully it will be fully functional by end of 2014. Please see below the list of individuals from various states of USA who have joined the global team to support this initiative.

We believe that "Jan Seva Ej Prabhu Seva". Even though we are thousands of miles away from our motherland, Balasinor, our connection and gratitude for our roots still stands strong. Supporting this hospital is one important way we all can give back to our motherland. We would like to request all of you to support this team. Please keep in mind that any contribution from you will make a big difference in life of another human being.

With regards,
The KMGG Hospital Trust and its supporters.

Advisory Committee for USA

Mr. Shashikant DhariaFlorida(863)207-0889
Mr. Tushar ModyGeorgia(578)766-6666
Mr. Atul KadakiaIllinois(630)305-7232
Mr. Sharad KadakiaLos Angles(949)283-7645
Mr. Nitin O. ModyLos Angles(951)279-1691
Dr. Rajesh DoshiMichigan(248)557-2650
Mr. Jagdish Shah (Vasanji)New Jersey(914)674-0628
Mr. Hitesh KadakiaNew Jersey(732)763-9211
Mr. Nilesh Kadakia (Marga)New York(516)997-1196
Mr. Deepen V. ParikhNorth Carolina(919)480-2301
Mr. Sunil KadakiaOhio(641)416-8998